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Practical Accounting Training Classes

Take your Accounting & Taxation learning skills to the next level.

Welcome To Accounting Erudition

Practical Accounting and Taxation Training Institute

Accountsmann Training Academy's qualification provides you with extensive knowledge and skills in Accounting & Taxation, enabling you to pursue diverse career opportunities and become a sought-after professional in the field of accounting, tax, and finance.

Mangesh D.

Accounting Erudition

Career in Accounting

If you’re looking for a business career filled with jobs, earnings potential and limitless opportunities to learn and grow, then accounting is the field for you!

Practical Accounting Training Workshop

The Practical Accounting and Taxation Training Program is an intensive program, designed by Accounting & Tax experts with a focus to help you become an Industry-ready accounting professional. Through this program, you are aware of more doing for a high-performing accounting career, and also you get practical and experiential learning, along with training and placement assistance.


We offer you the opportunity to complete the course in a flexible way, receive support and gain the right qualifications.


Our courses lead to the qualifications you need to start and develop your career in accounting and bookkeeping.

Trainer Support

Our experienced trainers will give you helpful advice and support during your course. You can contact them by phone or email.

Flexible Training

Our flexible training gives you the freedom of progress throughout the course at a time and pace that suits you.

Why is it important?

Why going for the practical accounting and taxation training program is worthwhile?

Always in demand

Accounting is everywhere and is a crucial aspect for any business. It implies that there will always be a demand for individuals with expertise in accounting. A course in accounting and taxation will improve your skills to be industry-independent which could significantly widen your chances of getting/ changing jobs.

Keeping with changes

In today’s competition, every year we have lot of students passing out of institutes with flying colors, completing their B.Com, M.Com, M.B.A degrees. In such a scenario, employers expect them to be updated about the latest happenings and equipped with strong finance knowledge and competency.

Extend your knowledge

Accounting and taxation training courses are interactive and contain real-life examples and prepared by experts with decades of experience. This knowledge is directly applicable to real-life financial scenarios and your knowledge and skill could further be enhanced if extended and executed in actual scenarios.

 Accounting Erudition

If you prefer the practical accounting training, then you will be able to apply this knowledge practically and getting a decent job in an easy way. Practical accounting training students can gain as much information and skills as enforceable themselves with the real world business and accounting problems.

Why choose us?

Our story starts with a simple, universal truth! We're a little different... In a good way. Here are furthermore features, that have better to know you for choosing us!

 Accounting Erudition

Perfection with

Perfection with

100% perfection and satisfaction is guaranteed in all aspects of accounts and taxation. Full perfection for Hindi / Marathi medium and non-commerce students also.


Excellent study material, practice data and live projects in all aspects of accounting and tax. We also help you to update study material in the live environment.

Small batch with personalised training

Small batch size maximum of 8 students in each batch. Lowest fees as compared to contents covered with perfection. Maximum discount for economically weaker section.

Placement assistance and support

We offer placement assistance and Internships to successful students and provide professional support to students even after completion of the course and placement.

Be proficient in Accounting and Taxation in few days!

How to start accounting learning?

The theory makes you knowledgeable but unless you know how to apply this knowledge in the real scenario or the true working environment you cannot become a successful accountant.

Accounting Basics

Start converting your academic knowledge into practice. Observe and learn about different business segments like Trading, Manufacturing and Service Industry

Business Accounting

Learn manual and computerised accounts from basic to finalisation of Balance Sheet. Ensure that you are aware of the challenges and resolved them tactfully.

Tax Accounting

Learn complete Indian taxation from Basic to the filing of Returns. Complete your knowledge of payroll taxes and contribution, direct and indirect Tax including GST.


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