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Matching Concept

Key Principles and Application of the Matching Concept in Accounting The Matching Concept also referred to as the Periodic Matching of...

Accrual Concept

Key Principles and Application of the Accrual Concept in Accounting The Accrual or Periodicity Concept in accounting emphasises the...

Realisation Concept

Understanding the Realisation Concept in Accounting Principles The Realisation Concept in accounting revolves around the recognition of...

Dual Aspect Concept

The Dual Aspect Concept: Accounting's foundation where every transaction has two impacts. Learn how it balances assets, liabilities, and...

Accounting Cost Concept

The Importance of Accounting Cost Concept in Financial Reporting and Asset Management. Accounting cost concept is also known as Cost...

Going Concern Concept

Discover the vital role of the Going concern concept in accounting, including its impact on asset valuation and company's future prospects.

Business Entity Concept

Importance of the business entity concept in accounting, separating business and personal transactions for accurate financial reporting

Accounting Concepts

Accounting concepts ensure consistency and reliability in financial records, providing a clear view of a business's financial position.

History of Accounting

Accounting is an ancient practice that has been used in various cultures around the world for centuries. From Hindu mythology's...

Transaction and Event

In our previous blog, we learned about the meaning of economic activity and its relation to accounting and how economic activity is...

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